Our Martial Arts programmed has developed from the Martial Art of Muaythai from Thailand.   Muaythai Boxing is the National Sport of Thailand which originally was the art of war and how the Thai Nationals defended their country.  Known as the art and science
of the 8 limbs Muaythai utilises hands, feet, elbows and knees along with joint locks, throws and weapons.

Since times of peace Muaythai has developed into Thai Boxing which is a devastating Martial Art – regarded worldwide as the most powerful standup fighting art.

Our Martial Arts syllabus combines the traditional martial arts side of Muaythai with the sport side of Thaiboxing along with kickboxing which our head coaches have excelled in.

The choice to grade in Muaythai and or kickboxing (accredited by the WKA) is available to all students or you can just train for your own enjoyment.

Our classes cover Pad work, Bag Work, Technique, Conditioning, Sparring and Glove to Glove work.