Champions Boxing and Martial Arts

Champions Boxing and Martial Arts is an Academy dedicated to reaching the champion potential that is inside everyone.  We are a fully insured and qualified Championship Academy for all ages and abilities. 

Champions Boxing and Martial Arts works alongside the WBC World Boxing Council, WBC Muaythai, Sport England Amateur Boxing and the World Kickboxing Association and as such can provide a path for any ambition.

Originally developed by Head coach Lorne Castle and wife Denise Castle in 1998 this is an established academy that has produced success over the decades for athletes of all ages.

Our classes run Term Time only (PT and Small Group available around that) from the Boxing Gym at:

 Bournemouth Girls Grammar School,

Castle Gate Close,





  • WKA South UK Champion
  • UK MTA South UK Muaythai Champion
  • WKA red Muaythai Kru Instructor
  • WKA Blackbelt first Dan
  • Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame
  • WKA Level 6 International Instructor
  • WBC Official founding Chairman of UK Muaythai
  • S1 UK Chairman
  • Thailand Kings Cup Trainer and Promoter of the Year 2012
  • Trainer of many Junior Champions
  • Trainer of WBC International and World Champions
  • Professional Boxing Coach in Asia and Czech
  • Sport England National Level 2 Amateur Boxing Coach

With a lifelong passion for Martial Arts Lorne has dedicated life to learning and training – Reaching Blackbelt at a young age and developing into a successful fighter.  After a successful Competitive career Lorne honed his skills in coaching and as such opened the first club in 1998 in Bournemouth training many champions in both Muaythai and Boxing over the years.

“Fully graded to Blackbelt 1st Dan and a registered Level 6 WKA Instructor I love every aspect of Martial Arts and the people that it brings into your life – I am so proud to be able to pass on all of this to the next generation.
I am proud to say that I have trained with many people from around the world and will continue to do so and develop my learning.   I have been awarded the Foreign Coach of the year at the 2012 Thailand Kings Cup along with developing into a World Class Professional Boxing Coach.”



  • WBC World Muaythai Champion
  • S1 World Muaythai Champion
  • WIBA World Professional Boxing Champion
  • Federation of Arabia Kickboxing World Champion
  • WBC International Muaythai Champion
  • WIKBA Intercontinental Muaythai Champion
  • WKA National Muaythai Champion
  • Professional Boxer – World Title Contender
  • WBC Female Inspirational Athlete of the Year 2013
  • Thailand Kings Cup – Best Muaythai Fighter 2012
  • WKA Muaythai Instructor Kru Red Grade
  • WKA Blackbelt 1st Dan
  • Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame
  • WKA International Level 4 Instructor
  • Dorset Amateur Athlete of the Year
  • Level 3 Fitness Coach

Denise is currently the only athlete to become a World Professional Muaythai and Boxing Champion. She has a history of setting world firsts – being the only female ever to be awarded Inspirational Athlete by WBC at their 2012 awards and being the first female every to be awarded Best Fighting Technique at the Thai Kings Cup at the Bangkok Palace.

Denise is currently still competing at world level in professional Boxing and enjoying traveling to the biggest fight stadiums in the world.  Having fought in such places as the Tokyo Dome, USA, Dubai and the Palace of Thailand – Denise is a world class fighter.

Denise achieved her full grading syllabus in both Muaythai and Kickboxing before starting to compete many years ago and now has added professional Boxing to her skills.

Denise has excellent coaching skills, with her speciality being focused on results and technique.

This video was shot by one of our students and shows an insight to our lives